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You can rely on our expert team in our clinic in Nicosia, Cyprus to provide you with the best service in the field of reproductive medicine and help. Our center which does not sacrifice quality by bringing together experienced and best professionals in the field has knowledge and skill to help you in any kind of reproductive health you need with its strong staff and ethical values. The right address for you; As Lefkoşa Tüp Bebek Merkezi IVF, we are aiming at shortening the dreams of thousands of families who are longing for babies.

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In Vitro Fertilization in Cyprus

Kıbrıs'ta Tüp Bebek Tedavisi

Egg fertilization is a technique performed by the woman outside her body. The embryos are created in the laboratory environment and stimulate development and are placed in the woman's uterus to gain pregnancy.

  • This process consists of several steps that need to be fully coordinated.
  • Preparing special treatment according to the needs of the patient, the quality of the team to be treated and the quality of the technology that the clinic will use will be the basic elements for success.

IVF Donation Treatments in Cyprus

Kıbrıs'ta Tüp Bebek Donasyon İşlemleri

Choosing a donor depends entirely on the patient who is recommended to have several donor profiles in order to make the best choice. The following donation treatments are performed by our specialists in our clinic.

  • Egg Donation
  • Embryo Donation
  • Sperm Donation

Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Cyprus

Kıbrıs'ta Genetik Tanı

Therapies are used to support patients with known genetic problems or other unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss. Known genetic problems may be large chromosomal anomalies that confront a couple with the risk of pregnancy loss or the risk of having a child with many health problems.

If both parents are carriers of these mutations and want to reduce the risk of having an affected child, PGD could be a solution.

ICSI Treatment in Cyprus

Kıbrıs'ta ICSI Tedavisi

It is a technique used in IVF to fertilize the egg with a preselected sperm. The ICSI is performed by the embryologist using a microscope in a laboratory environment. Spermin helps to fertilize in cases where the odds of egg fertilization on its own are weak. Even if there are only a few sperm, the embryologist can choose the best sperm and place it directly into the egg to fertilize it.

Artificial Insemination in Cyprus

Kıbrıs'ta Aşılama Tedavisi

Vaccination (intrauterine insemination) or intrauterine insemination (IU) is the placement of a male partner (or donor) who takes a sample of a sperm and passes through a process called "washing" into the uterus (cervix) within a period close to the time of ovulation by taking sperm. This method is a simpler, less invasive method than fertility treatment.

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